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    For Overall Health

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Complete Mushroom Formula
for Overall Health

A powerful blend of functional mushrooms including reishi, lion's mane, chaga, and cordyceps are powerful adaptogens that act as natural stress relievers.
Maitake, Turkey Tail, and Reishi are packed with prebiotics to balance bacteria in the gut to prevent and reduce bloating.
High in vitamins and bioactive compounds, Maitake and Cordyceps are key to boosting your energy production naturally.
Lion's Mane contains hericenones and erinacines to improve focus, memory, and improve overall mood.
Our mushroom blend contains polysaccharides, triterpenes, and bioactive chemicals to supercharge your immune system.
Turkey tail helps to support a healthy gut microbiome by improving the balance of bacteria in your gut.
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Why Gummies?

We have been chewing our food for all history, and capsules were invented just 100 years ago.

When we chew our food, the digestion process begins in the mouth with saliva breaking down the food before we even swallow.

The more we chew, the more nutrients we get.

That's why we skipped the boring dry capsules and packed 10 of nature's most studied and understood mushrooms into a delicious gummy.

Inside immuneti™

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Inside Urth™

Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane is the only superfood known to regrow nerve cells. Daily Lion's Mane helps with memory, stress management, anxiety, and overall well-being.


Used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It's known to enhance energy levels, improve cognitive performance, athletic performance, and is thought to have aphrodisiac properties.


Chaga reduces inflammation, may prevent disease, and may help regulate blood sugar and cholesterol. It is also full of polysaccharides to support strong immune function.

Turkey Tail

Not only is Turkey Tail an antioxidant powerhouse, it has powerful immune-boosting properties. Turkey Tail contains prebiotics which act like superfood for good bacteria in the gut.


Also known as the queen of mushrooms, she is known to have powerful immune-boosting properties. Reishi is an adaptogen, which means it helps the body adapt to environmental stressors.


Maitake is packed with polysaccharides, triterpenes, and bioactive chemicals to supercharge your immune system and give you a natural energy boost.

4 More Mushrooms

Urth's special blend contains Shiitake, Royal Sun Mushroom, Black Fungus Mushroom, and White button mushroom. Added for their antioxidants and to enhance the potency of our mushroom blend

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